Macaronis Resort - Mentawais, Indonesia - Asia

The Mentawai islands offer a new frontier for performance surfing. Pro surfers flock to the Metawai islands, often with film crews in tow, intent on pushing the limits of contemporary surfing and stunning the world with footage of the world's best surf and surfers.

Once the land of the exploratory boat charter, surf resorts in the Mentawais are now at a level where the Mentawai Islands are more than a surf trip for the professional elite and the feral few. Today the development of high quality surf camps has widened the appeal of travelling North to this surf rich region to surfers of all tastes and backrounds.

The Macaronis resort is located on the island of Siniai next to the main island of North Pagai and is within touching distance of arguably the world's highest concentration of consistent, world-class reef breaks.

Key attributes for a visiting surfer to the Mentawai islands include a sense of adventure and daring streak. For those that make the journey the rewards of surfing perfection are lifelong.


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The Mentawai Islands are one of the more recently discovered surfing frontiers. We recommend this to more advanced and dedicated surfers who are looking to push their own limits. Staying at the Macaronis resort you have a range of seriously world-class waves, all just a short boat ride away.


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